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Personal Training, Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Preparation

  • Let a Pro get you ready for your next contest

  • Bodybuilding Contest Preparations (Men or Women)

  • Contest Prep Diets

  • Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Posing (Men and Women)

George has extensive experience working with top athletes. Today he works with Betty Pariso, Debbie Laszweski, Branch Warren, Cathy LeFrancois, Chandra Coffey, Danielle Kifer, Dennis James, Tammy Patnode, Grigori Atoyan, Marcus Haley, Craig Richardson, Deshaun Grimez, Frank McGrath, Peter Putnam, Jeff "Box" Long, Charles Dixon, Wendell Floyd and many more to mention.

Contact George and take your game to another level.

Whether you're new to the gym or just need some additional guidance in your current training regimen or diet, Derek can help. He doesn't specialize in only one specific area of fitness because he believes that proper nutrition, exercise, supplementation, and mental well-being all play an equally important role in maintaining a healthy, fit, and active body and mind.

He has been working with people to help them achieve their personal health and fitness goals since 2002. He's worked with those from all walks of life, including, but not limited to:

Real Estate Professionals

Financial Executives (CFO/CEO/COO/CMO)

Entertainment Producers (Music/Movies)

Working Mothers and Fathers

Stay at Home Parents

Novice and Competitive Bodybuilders

Novice and Competitive Physique Competitors

Novice and Competitive Women's Bikini Competitors

Novice and Competitive Women's Figure Competitors

8-5 Office Employees (Accountants, Web Consultants, etc.)

Derek specializes in a number of areas of fitness nutrition and training, including:

George is available for group seminars, guest appearances, and corporate representation. For more information. You can email him at

For email fitness consultations, posing instruction, contest preparations, and personal training, see the GURU SERVICES for details. Then email

Trying to drop some fat? Add some muscle? Wanting to take a step onto the competitive stage? Brad offers several training & dieting services that will help you achieve your goals. Click HERE to view available training options



Tell me your goals and how much time you have to dedicate to achieving your goals and I will set up a training program to match. This will include a weekly routine, sets, reps, and exercises. Leave the guess work out of your training.

PRICE: $150.00




Send me your current diet, Ht, Wt, and health history, I will help create a meal plan that you can live with and still get the results you desire.

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